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Maybe I hit buzz words or something that get picked up by the algorithm. Maybe they look closely at new subs to try to hone in / keep them. Maybe there is less data to work from so results are more obvious and it easier to get it right. And what about EA very explicit commitment to multiplayer? Do you think the Inquisition team genuinely thought that multiplayer would be a great addition to the game, or do you think EA incentivized that too? What about Dead Space 3 cover shooting? It just seems like there a pattern of forcing mass market appeal into EA games for me to point the finger exclusively at BioWare for Anthem.If this were just one developer, then that an isolated incident. If this happens consistently, then it a systemic issue, and EA runs the system.I should be clear: developers can be bad. There is such a thing as a bad artist and a bad developer. Rates could vary even within cities themselves. The source I’m drawing from (Lionel Rose, Massacre of the Innocents: Infanticide In Britain 1800 1939) cites the illegitimacy rate as 9.1% in the respectable upper class parish of Marylebone and the rate as 3.3% in the poor parish of Whitechapel, which runs contra to our expectations. We might guess that the lower number of illegitimate births in Whitechapel might be due to a higher number of unreported births, but that discrepancy shows how incomplete our measures are.. Henry, and stern moral lessons. tSerling achieved success as a young man writing TV dramas such as “Requiem for a Heavyweight. ” By 1959 he was so weary of having to neuter his stories for sponsors and censors that he came up with “The Twilight Zone. Allowed. To. Ask. 2 points submitted 1 day agothat actually really good because the slow and blur don mean anything to someone who can aim, this would give them a hard time finding what they are actually supposed to be aiming at giving caustic an actual advantage considering despite the green glowing outline he sometimes gets for his passive 진해출장마사지 making it easy, enemies can still see you in the gas just as well because the nox gas currently completely sucks for hiding in, its way more transparent than smoke unless you stack all your traps and ult in a line, and when is that ever going to happen in a firefight? 2 points submitted 14 days agoAll my pathfinder deaths so far were because I had the high ground but my teammates were dying so I jump down to flank, but that never works. Always stay hi unless you team is literally dead and you have nothing to lose. Because you might get the guy who just downed your mates but their back line who would have done nothing in the fight against another comp really loves that you just dropped down with your back turned for him to shoot up 진해출장마사지 followed by the other 2 guy turning around and focusing you as the immediate threat because your team took that as an opportunity to heal up because you cant communicate that quickly in chat.. I so mich agree. The fact that we have free healthcare and paid Education doesnt deny the fact that makeup is pricey and many brands are inaccesible to us. Ordering from colorpop Will cost me taxes and shipping that makes the affordable buys expensive. Especially working in the service industry. I have to schedule around the “baby bonus” day because it always a fucking nightmare. Lots of complaints.